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Supplies and Logistics


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Products, guidance, modelling and financial mechanisms for preparedness & response to Ebola, yellow fever, Zika and other infectious disease.

Strengthening supply chains

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Government-led supply chains deliver immunization, medicines & nutrition products. Technical assistance, tools, dialogue, partnerships help develop capacity & sustainability.


Procurement Services

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We use our expertise to procure and deliver for governments and other partners...


Commitment to transparency

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UNICEF's transparency includes the suppliers we buy from and the prices we pay. For an overview and links to a range of transparency initiatives click here.

For suppliers and service providers

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Become a UNICEF supplier or service provider, find tender opportunities, see recent awards, etc.


Supplies for children with disabilities

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In 2014 -17, UNICEF has prioritised the needs of children with disabilities in its procurement, market influencing and product innovation activities. Read more.

The UNICEF supply chain

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The UNICEF supply chain is a complex system. From defining needs all the way to local delivery to children and families.


The Supply Community

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A dedicated team of local and international staff with diverse expertise are strategically located around the world. Read more.

quality assurance


Quality assurance is at the heart of all UNICEF procurement. Read more about UNICEF's quality systems.


Sustainable Procurement

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UNICEF provides an information note on its sustainable procurement.

Read More

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